Adult Day Program

Getting out of the house and connecting with others is a vital part of a person’s well-being. All older adults deserve the chance to stay engaged and active as they age, no matter their ability. At Seniors Resource Center, we’re proud to support older adults with dementia and to provide accessible accommodations through our Adult Day Program.

Experience the Difference

Our Adult Day Program offers a safe place for older adults to meet new people and participate in activities they enjoy. Attendees at Adult Day can flex their creative muscles with arts and crafts, get their blood flowing with gentle fitness designed for folks of all ability levels, help tend to our onsite garden when it’s warm out, and more. They’ll also be served lunch prepared by our chef, who works hard each day to craft delicious, nutritious meals for each of our attendees.

A smiling senior at morning coffee and breakfast at the SRC.
A gentleman relaxes in a chair at the SRC.

Experts in Memory Care

We know how stressful it can be to leave your person in someone else’s care, especially when they have dementia. At our Adult Day Program, you don’t have to worry about the care your person will receive. Our staff specializes in supporting those with dementia, using their expertise to keep your person safe and comfortable while they’re with us. 

While our staff is skilled in memory care, all older adults are welcome at Adult Day.

Rest for Caregivers

Adult Day isn’t just a resource for our attendees. Caregivers often struggle to run errands, complete household chores, or relax when their person needs their care and attention. Our Adult Day Program can give you a much-needed respite from caregiving by looking after your person, ensuring you have the time and energy you need to look after yourself.

A balloon game with a few of the seniors at the Seniors Resource Center
Two wonderful staff members tackle the paperwork at SRC.

Ready to get started?

Call today to connect with a Care Specialist, who can help you decide if Adult Day is a good fit for you.