Introducing the Trishaw

Woman and Older Man sitting in the carriage of a trishaw with a man behind them driving the trishaw bike

At Seniors Resource Center, our mission isn’t just to help older adults live longer. We want to help them age well, which means living fulfilling, engaging, and independent lives at every stage of their aging journey.

As part of this mission, Seniors Resource Center has recently introduced the trishaw, a new opportunity for our Adult Day Program participants. We’re thrilled to give our Adult Day participants another way to get outside and stay engaged while they age.


What is a trishaw?

Many older adults struggle with mobility as they age. They may no longer have the strength or balance to ride a bicycle on their own, but would love to experience the joy of a bike ride if they could. 

The trishaw can give them that experience by offering accessible bike rides for seniors. It’s a three-wheeled machine with a passenger seat on the front and a pilot seated on the back. The pilot pedals and steers the trishaw, allowing the passengers in the front seat to enjoy a bike ride without the physical demands of pedaling the bike themselves. 

Two older women sitting in the carriage of a trishaw bike with a man in the background driving the trishawWho gets to pilot or ride the trishaw?

The trishaw cycling program is available to our Adult Day Program guests, with four guests getting to ride the trishaw each day. Trishaw pilots must complete training before being able to pilot the trishaw. Several of our staff members are trained to pilot the trishaw, including our CEO, COO, and Activities Director. Because our staff work closely with our Adult Day Program guests, they know how to best support our guests and can ensure their safety while on trishaw rides.


What happens during a trishaw ride?

Our Activities Director selects four Adult Day Program participants each day to ride the trishaw based on a variety of factors, including interest, safety, and physical ability to sit in the trishaw. Participants get to enjoy a 15-minute ride each on a predetermined route, which goes around a nearby park. It’s a chance for our participants to feel the wind in their hair, breathe in the fresh air, and experience all the fun of a bike ride in a safe, supportive way. It’s also a chance for our community members to connect with our older adults and see Seniors Resource Center’s work in action, as many folks wave and say hi as they drive by.

Trishaw Rides & Aging Well at SRC

The joys of getting out into nature, riding a bike, and connecting with the community don’t have to end at a certain age. The trishaw makes cycling ageless, ensuring our older adults get to enjoy their favorite life experiences in a way that works for them. 

We’re proud to offer our Adult Day Program participants another way to age well.