What Sets Seniors Resource Center Apart

Staff take a photo in the front of the Seniors Resource Center.

Seniors Resource Center is all about people—those we serve, and those who provide that service. Our employees work tirelessly to support older adults, caregivers, and others in need, all with incredible professionalism, patience, and compassion. This work is not easy. Care professionals see a notoriously high rate of burnout and often leave the field as quickly as they entered it. There are many reasons care professionals experience such significant rates of burnout, such as low pay, underappreciated work, and difficult working conditions.

We’re proud to say that, over the last four years, our average staff tenure has been 4.07 years. Many of our employees started before the COVID-19 pandemic, weathered the storm, and remained with us as we’ve returned to pre-pandemic operations. Considering that other facilities are seeing a 65%+ staff turnover rate, this is an incredible achievement.

We attribute our low turnover to a few factors.

1. We have our employees’ backs.
We pride ourselves on our positive work culture. From top to bottom, Seniors Resource Center is there for its staff. Our care professionals are encouraged to stay in close contact with their managers while working in the community and to reach out if they have questions or need support. This is especially critical if a care professional ever feels unsafe or that they aren’t able to handle a situation in a client’s home. No matter what happens while they’re on the job, we’re here to make sure they have the support they need to thrive.

Our CEO, COO, and other members of leadership also keep their doors open to chat with anyone at the organization, no matter their job title. If they have exciting ideas, concerns about their work, or just want to say hi, all levels of management are happy to listen.

2. We offer top-tier benefits.
Across industries, low pay and insufficient benefits are among the top reasons employees leave their jobs. While many people enter care work because they want to help others, that’s not enough to keep people in their roles in the long term. At Seniors Resource Center, we’ve developed number of benefits to ensure our staff feels appreciated, supported, and well-compensated. We offer a robust compensation package with competitive base pay, health/dental/vision/life insurance, and a retirement savings plan. Perhaps most vital for our work is our generous PTO, which not only allows our staff to attend necessary appointments but also ensures they can take time to rest and recharge.

3. We make sure our employees can grow with us.
We want our employees to keep learning, growing, and developing as professionals while they work at Seniors Resource Center. To make that possible, we’ve developed a variety of employee engagement strategies, such as monthly professional and personal development days that provide ongoing training and opportunities for our staff to connect. We encourage them to continue building their skills and to move into new roles when their current position no longer fits them. We hope that all of our employees see a future for themselves at Seniors Resource Center, whatever that may look like for them.

Our success is only possible because of our staff’s hard work and dedication. To continue providing the very best care to older adults, their families, and their caregivers, we have to take care of our employees first.